Blackjack: 5 most common mistakes
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In any game, several most common mistakes can be made not only by beginners but also by experienced players. Some of them are not critical, while others have a significant impact on the result of the game. This also applies to Blackjack. In this card game, we can identify 5 main mistakes that most seriously change the course of the hand – often not in favor of the gambler.

1. Do not allow bust in the game

This recommendation may seem silly and illogical – after all, it is much more reason not to allow too many points to be collected. Both beginners and experienced players often prefer not to take risks and stop the game after scoring 12 or more points, so that the next card does not bring bust. This tactic, however, is not always the right one. What is the reason for continuing to take cards? The fact is that you will not lose, of course, but you will also be much less likely to win. If you stop taking new cards with a combination that doesn't even have a 50% chance of busting, you give the dealer a great chance to win. You should stop at a soft hand 17, but if your combination is worth 14 points or so, you will not be able to win.

2. Ignoring the opportunity to double

Many inexperienced players are afraid to double the bet because it risks losing twice as much money. But at the same time, it is also a great opportunity to double your wins. Some casinos only allow you to double with only certain combinations. If you have a high probability of winning (for example, if you have a total of 10 or 11 points), you should double your bet.

3. Split of tens

The most common and biggest mistake in Blackjack is the split tens. When a player has a combination of cards, the sum of which is equal to 20 points, his chances of winning are very high. But when a player decides to make a split, his chance of winning is reduced to 45%. The fact that the dealer has 6 left on his hands does not count, which means that the possibility of a bet is possible, and the split increases the probability of losing by 20%. Don’t do this – you will either have to stop at a small number of points, or there will be a bust. The probability of a positive outcome drops significantly.

4. Split of fives

Another big mistake is the split of two fives. When they are separated, the player has a high probability of collecting 15 pieces through two hands. To correct the situation, you can only take another card or double the bet, but you need to proceed from the dealer's card.

5. Counting cards when playing online

In land-based casinos, card counting practice is an effective strategy that can significantly increase your chances to succeed. However, in online casinos, there is no sense in counting cards – because a random number generator is used here, which shuffles the cards after each hand. So, counting cards will not bring the player the expected result. This, however, does not apply to an online game with a live dealer – in this case, this tactic may help. We also would like to add done more very important thing – if you feel that today Lady Luck is not on your side, then it is better to stop the game to save your funds. It is always worth leaving and trying to play another time. Even if you are extremely lucky, you should remember that this can’t last forever. You must learn how to stop during the game. First, you need to decide for yourself on the terms of the game.

1. If you are lucky and you are winning, then you need to set a certain amount, upon reaching which the game should end.

2. You need to tell yourself that if you are unlucky twice in a row, and your bets do not play, then you need to leave the game.

If you play online Blackjack, you must follow these simple rules. You should always know the measure. Since it is simply impossible to win all the time, this rule primarily applies to games such as poker, blackjack, or roulette.

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